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S.S. Aqua Gives Way to Hipster Despair

The mascot for the Aqua Condos in Greenpoint has been through a lot, not unlike actual newcomers to the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area. After arriving shiny and new, and perhaps a little wide-eyed, it didn't take too much time for the long nights to catch up with our waverunning friend, which quickly fell out of favor. Now, by the looks of the pictures sent in by a tipster this weeked, it's defeated and washed-up, just waiting for someone to pick it up out of pity and take it back to where it came from. The report: "I was walking by aqua the yesterday, the boat is gone. however as i kept walking one block over, slightly out of view at the corner of manhattan ave, i saw the poolworthy vessel sitting on the side of the road. looks like shes going be towed shorty..."
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