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Ladies & Gentlemen, the LES Riot

It truly warmed the cockles of our heart to bring back the old Libation graphic on the now historic Closing Time post, so we thought we'd toss it back up there for one more go. The reason? Libation is the gift that just keeps on giving. Comment #3 on that Friday morning entry included this question: "was anyone on the LES for the near riot against jersey people about 4 weeks ago?" After much prodding from the Curbed crowd to spill the beans on this so-called riot, "toaster" finally came out with it. Is it true? Who knows. But the fact that it could be explains what we meant by "no winners in sight."

so everyone is in bars on ludlow and surrounding area, ya know, typical night, ppl in bars, streets et al. then two guys start yelling at each other and girl starts screeching (as they tend to do) and two guys (obviously from jersey or LI, come to find out later they were from jersey) were yelling at each other, so eventually they keep yelling and not doing anything, just all talk (pretty sizeable guys), and eventually all of ludlow st. was full of ppl, no joke about 150 ppl or so. even all the bouncers etc and everyone was yelling "hit him you jersey p*ssy's" etc and it's a ridiculous scene so one guy throws a punch... ...but it was more like a baseball pitch and almost fell over and EVERYONE started laughing hysterically and taunting them even more. then ppl above the street started throwing things at them from the windows and at this point everyone is yelling the most ridiculously hilarious insults you could ever think of about going back to jersey, about the state in general etc, so then they scrap again but it was like two corky's from life goes on fighting (no offense to those who are mentally handicapped). so as they are getting pelted with all this stuff, one is almost crying, the girl is def. crying still, and basically they start to take off down the street together with the crowd following them. then the cops show up, one of the bouncers grabs both of them, the cops arrest them.

the rest of the night, inside each bar, everyone from nyc was verbally assaulting all the tough little guys from jersey who think they are cool b/c their parents have money. one kid actually went "just stop it and i'll buy the place a round!". didn't hear from him again haha. but overall, it was social unrest for the rest of the night with clear divisions of geographical living conditions. one of the funniest things i've seen since moving here 2 years ago. in fact, probably the funniest.

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