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CurbedWire: Hell Square, Mr. Rogers, and Tri-Something

1) Lower East Side: A tipster informs us that another piece of Hell Square is on the market. He writes,"Just walked by the empty lot (one of the few if any in hell square) at Stanton and Clinton (NE corner). There was a listing sign from some brokerage. That lot has been sitting there for years - with nothing. that sign was just put up yesterday." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Miscellaneous: Yesterday's Ask Curbed on friendly neighbors provoked a lot of informative and entertaining responses. None of them, however, was juicier than the follow-up email we got from our original querier. She wrote, "Honest-to-God, Fred Rogers was an actual neighbor of mine in Pittsburgh years ago. So much for his famous line, he was a very cold and unfriendly neighbor in our building!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) NoBatt: Something big is brewing near Wall Street, according to this report from the nabe: "Cafe World on SW Trinity / Rector corner closed suddenly 2 months ago, now I know why: a 'test-boring/ crew was in there today tearing up the floor. Whole building to be replaced with a tower (construction guy didn't say for which use) maybe up to 40 stories. File in the forgetful department: developer firm's name began with "Tri". It was Trimark or something like that. I feel dumb for not remembering, and I didn't have my PDA on me." [CurbedWire Inbox]