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Dumbo's Beacon of Light Turns it Down a Notch

[Photo courtesy of Dumbo NYC]

Those incredibly bright lights on the Beacon Tower that are visible from far, far away, have been turned down a bit. Dumbo NYC reports:

One week after I wrote about the bright lights on the patios of the 18th floor at Beacon Tower, the building shut off the lights on the south side. (Not pictured is the north side patio on the 20th floor balcony is still lit.) Maybe they were concerned about the migrating geese, global warming, or concerned residents, but they deserve some kudos for responding so quickly. Since residents won’t have to foot the electric bill for the lights on one side, maybe the building can use the money saved to commission a local artist similar to what J Condo is doing or bring back Between the Bridges Bar (you know, that neighborhood bar that used to occupy the space where Beacon Tower is now) in their retail space to give something back to the community.

Not to fear. The remaining lights are still very, very bright.
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