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Development Sneak: Selldorf's Chelsea Car Park

[Renderings courtesy Hayes Davidson]

Close readers of yesterday's Celebrity Real Estate Wrap likely have clicked through to these images of architect Annabelle Selldorf's latest, but due to some very special awesomeness—doubletake the above photo—we'd be remiss not to feature them more prominently. Given that the project lacks a name and official website (not to mention the fact it's not featured yet on Selldorf's site), we're not in Development Du Jour territory yet, but the NYT's Fred Bernstein relates some key details. The project, at 200 Eleventh Avenue, will have 16 units, 14 with adjoining garages; prices, says Elliman broker Leonard Steinberg, will be around $5 million per (driver not included).

· A Paparazzi-Proof Condo [NYTimes]

200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York