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What Works Better: Youtube Destructoporn or Phone Calls?

Fighting the demolition or construction work next door via youtube and blog is very '06-'07, but does it make a difference? The Daily News takes a look today at a youtube fight against a demolition on 22nd Street and a low-tech phone call fight against a demolition in Bensonhurst and it looks like neighbors are sorta' screwed in both cases. From the South Slope:

City officials said they are monitoring the site but have not written any violations. "The department understands the neighbors' concerns and we appreciate the efforts and urge them to call 311 in addition to the videotaping," Buildings Department spokeswoman Kate Lindquist said. The city Department of Environmental Protection said the asbestos allegations are "under consideration" and that a ruling may come as early as today.
And from Bensonhurst:
When a complaint about asbestos was filed earlier this month, the Department of Environmental Protection inspected the site. "Asbestos was found in the vinyl floor tiling," agency spokesman Ian Michaels said, but the asbestos is unlikely to get into the air because the tiling "holds the asbestos really well."
Just wait until 311 and 911 can get jpegs and mpegs instead of employees having to go to flickr and youtube.
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