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A Couple Million Can't Even Get You a Bedroom

Corcoran broker Jon Capobianco must have balls the size of tyrannosaurus eggs. In this era of market correction and slight PriceChopping, Capobianco is shooting for the stars, listing a client's 700-square-foot West Village studio apartment for $2.1 million. True, it's in Richard Meier's 165 Charles Street?with all the fancy amenities and finishes that building offers?but the Sun's headline kind of says it all. The only other $2 million studio listed in the city is an 870-square-foot Plaza unit with a Juliette balcony, which sounds very lovely. So what gives? Well, you can't really argue with this logic:

"I get calls from Deutsche Bank guys who say, ‘I stay at the Four Seasons and I'd love a place in the city with a pool and a gym,'" Mr. Capobianco said. "You get the same finish as the $10 million apartments upstairs."So what do you think? Will someone shell out that much scratch to rock a pied-a-terre with a Murphy bed? It's the address that impresses, after all.
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