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Hipsters Still Need Help

Last time the Benjamin James gang went ahead with their Homebuying for Hipsters seminar, the opinions were divided into two camps: some thought it was a good idea, and others thought everyone involved should be ruthlessly made fun of. This time around, the experts are trading in Black Betty for the more hipster-saturated Royal Oak, and the reader who forwarded this along offers this defense:

Yeah, yeah, I've seen everyone talking shit about it on your website (and countless others) and those people can suck it. Why in the world would they be so freakin' defensive? So what if everyone there looks the same and has bad haircuts - that's why people want to move to this neighborhood in the first place, RIGHT??!? It's cool that someone is trying to disseminate free, USEFUL information to people who might need/WANT it but don't know where to start.Wait a minute. That actually makes sense. Oh hipsters, we're sorry we ever wronged you. Your next white belt is on us.
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