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Do's and Don'ts of Hocking Loogies in Prospect Heights

So, the burning issue of the day in Prospect Heights--at least, in terms of online discussion--is the problem of public spitting. Apparently, the Hocking of Loogies (or, Hawking of Loogies, if you will) is nearly an Olympic sport, or so says the growing discussion thread over at the Prospect Heights Forum. It started with this:

I think its gross- and I got into an argument with another PH resident tonight for spitting (and hocking) on the sidewalk tonight. He was very defensive of his actions- "Where am I supposed to do it- at home?"And generated this response and many others:THE ABSOLUTE WORST is when these dudes turn to the side and spit, not noticing a passing or approaching pedestrian. I can't count the number of times I feel like I just barely miss getting spit on inadvertently. THAT's the shit that's unnacceptable. Mad Mother-fuckers should be water-boarded in a giant barrel of loogies for that stuff.Freaking gross. And, if spitting isn't your thing, there's always this.
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