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Real Estate Blog Memes o' the Week

The Curbed inbox overfloweth! Though we linked the London story in yesterday's PM linkage, we republish it here by (insanely) popular demand.

1) So, uh, there's a 77 square foot apartment in London on the market for $335,000, or $4,340/psf (right). "Makes the $2.1 million 165 Charles studio look like a bargain," writes one tipster. Adds another, "Oh, and according to the article, it has no electricity, either." [AP via Yahoo News]

2) The Redfin Blog deftly summarizes recent research about what keywords in apartment listings actually sell apartments. Homes where the seller was "motivated" took 15 percent longer to sell; houses listed as "handyman specials" flew off the market in half the average time. Read on for much more. [Redfin Blog]