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Bay Ridge To Commerce Bank: Eat This

We don't often get around to Bay Ridge (it's over by the Brooklyn end of the Verrazano Bridge), but there's an item today that fits with that story about the proliferation of bank branches. In any case, Commerce Bank's plan to demolish a neighborhood diner and build one of their glassy, neon, red-and-blue branches, has led at least one Bay Ridge blogger to, uh, lose his temper. To wit:

Word has it that New Jersey based Commerce Bank, currently under investigation by the Feds, wants to barge into the neighborhood demolish the Tiffany Diner and build one of their banks on the ruins. Listen, "Jersey Boys"--Bay Ridge loves the Tiffany Diner, and will not tolerate a bunch of Swamp Rats coming in here to steal it away from us. So get your ass back across the Verrazano Bridge, and keep driving west until you you reach Cherry Hill. We have enough banks. We do NOT have enough good diners. Get lost! BOYCOTT COMMERCE BANK UNTIL THEY DROP THE PLAN TO DEMOLISH THE TIFFANY DINER.We now return to our regular menu of postings.
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