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Curbed BuildingCrasher: Harlem's Loft 124

A Curbed reader with a camera (the best kind) hit up an open house at Harlem's Loft 124, "the only one offering true loft living." There are still some good seats available, but does it live up to its billing? Readers report, you decide:

Here are some shots I took at a recent (ish) open house at Loft 124 in Harlem (124th between Lenox and ACP). The photos are of the model apartment on the second floor (about 2,000sf, sold for $1,080,000). Apparently, during prohibition the second floor was used as a speakeasy by people like Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday after performing at the Lenox lounge and Apollo. Who said Harlem wasn’t cool?! I also sneaked upstairs and took a shot of the view from one of the higher floors.Is it just our horrid obsession, or do floorplans actually make pretty decent wall art? Just saying.

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