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Adam Mermelstein is Having a Bad Day

A group of housing advocates that met in Greenwich Village last night announced this year's list of New York's worst landlords, and somehow, Benjamin Shaoul did not come out on top?though he did make the list. TreeTop Development's Adam Mermelstein was given the dubious honor of being named the worst, after the remaining tenants of the TT-owned 188 South 3rd Street (right) in Williamsburg described the treatment they are getting. 188 South 3rd, which we've already covered, is getting converted to upscale rentals, and the holdout rent-stabilized tenants (about half the building) say they are being shat upon while the empty units get the white-glove treatment. Mermelstein denied the charges, telling AMNY that he bought the building only four months ago, and constant repairs were being made to all the apartments.

In no particular order:

2) Jacob Finkelstein, owner of 1356 Walton Ave., the Bronx
3) John Tsevelos, president of G-way Management and owner of 851 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn
4) Jay Podolsky, owner of 330 W. 95th St., 315 W. 94th St., and 316 W. 95th St., Manhattan
5) Nathan Schuchat, who owns properties on the lower East Side, including 141 Ridge St.
6) George Subraj, who owns homes divided into apartments in Jamaica, Queens
7) David Melendez, who owns buildings in Bushwick, Brooklyn, including 198 Knickerbocker Ave.
8) Doug Peterson, who owns 974 Sheridan Ave., the Bronx
9) Benjamin Shaoul, who owns 332 Mott St. and 166 Elizabeth St. in Chinatown

10) Julia and Carlos Guzman, who own 268 Dean St. in Brooklyn.· Renting from the worst [NYDN]
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