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CurbedWire: Vacant on UES, Growing in Gramurray

1) Upper East Side: From the department of Upper East Side retail randomness: "The first floor of the Solow building at 265 E 66th has been empty for more than 6 years. Imagine the lost rent they could have had if they just lowered their price! I think they have changed brokers more than 3 times but it still sits empty after all these years. I am assuming the rent is too high for the lot. I've tried searching curbed for info but can't find any. Do they NOT want to rent or something? It's a fairly ritzy building, so an empty space seems so strange and an eyesore." [CurbedWire Inbox, photo courtesy Property Shark]

2) Gramurray: An East Sider demands attention! "Enough news from Williamsburg, LIC, etc. How about some Gramurray news? Walked by 45 Park Avenue this morning. The brickwork is all in place and glass is going in, starting on the northwest corner. Would have taken a picture, but didn't have my camera handy. Looks like a nice building." Somewhere, random white dudes are smiling. [CurbedWire Inbox]