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Prospect Heights 101

[Photo courtesy of luluinnyc/flickr]

So, to hit up Prospect Heights for the second day in row, we're turning to this list of what a poster has learned from reading the Prospect Heights Forum. We've tossed in some relevant links to some of the original source material. Some highlights:

--No complaining about getting mugged. What did you expect? You’re a gentrifier...
--No spitting.
--White folk don’t like curtains...
--Hipsters are scum, but it’s okay to act like one when criticizing them.
--You heard gunshots? So what, you yuppie gentrifier. That’s how it has always been. What do you expect?
--If the mosquitoes don’t get you, the bedbugs will.
--You don’t know the best route from JFK to Prospect Heights.

--That new building is ugly and violates every architectural law/standard/theory according to the incredible amount of architecture experts (who knew?) residing in Prospect Heights.There you have it.
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