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Home Depot, Apple Say No to New Nabes

It seems like just last year that we were celebrating Home Depot's plans for a massive outpost in Hudson Square/West Soho, and Apple's dream of a new Apple Store on West 34th Street. So much for that. The Slatin Report drops the news that plans for both stores are finito, Home Depot because of concerns about "density" in the neighborhood (oh, and the ouster of their pesky CEO), and Apple because, well...

Real estate sources say that, from the start, Apple had doubts about the compatibility of its leading-edge image with that of middle-America 34th Street, at least as it currently stands. While strong retailers like Gap, American Eagle and Forever 21 are happily ensconced along the block, "unfortunately, a lot of the old 34th Street – third-rate tourist merchants and rip-off artists" still remain, says one long-time retail broker.Separately, we've been hearing rumors of two new Manhattan Apple Store locations set to be announced soon. Color that one DEVELOPING.
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