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Curbed SizeChopper™: 1 Fifth Avenue

It's time to break out the Curbed SizeChopper™. A tipster armed with a tape measure writes, "How is this possibly 750 square feet and how the hell is it 3.5 rooms? The kitchen is barely a room and the "foyer" is hardly another half of a room. I was so excited when this popped up and then I looked at the plan and got very mad. It seems highly unprofessional to market this apartment this way."

Our Curbed math skills are rusty, but we still only came up with about 550 square feet. Where, oh where, are the other 200? Must be some pretty badass common spaces, eh?
· Listing: 1 Fifth Avenue [Elliman]
· Curbed SizeChopper™: 458 Broadway [Curbed]