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Storefronting: BK Bombshell, Banks, Bakeries

1) Williamsburg: Is our own homegrown American Apparel-esque brand scaling back? "Here is a picture of the Brooklyn Industries store, on Broadway and Driggs in the burg, just across of Peter Luger. They had a mega sale lately, and today they seem to be closed. There goes the hood?" In. Sane. [Storefronting inbox]

2) Hell Square: At this point it surprises us that there are any remnants of the old Garment District, but apparently the area is still being purged: "I noticed last night that the old Dress shop on the south-east corner of Ludlow and Rivington seems to be packing up. The windows were uncovered and everything inside was being hung on racks and put in a truck. That's some primo retail space. What might come next?" [Storefronting inbox]

3) Greenwich Village: Let's all move to Bay Ridge: "North Fork eating up part of the corner of Bleecker and Thompson (storefronts below the recently opened 184 Thompson) - just what the neighborhood needs! Thank god they got rid of Ben and Jerry's, Subway, etc., I was running out of ATM locations." [Storefronting inbox]

4) Central Village: Hope everybody is ready to get their roll on: "Saw a note on the vacant store on 11th and Broadway, which used to be an antique store (across from the Halloween store down the street from neighborhood mainstay Wagwear) that the board had approved the new retail tenant, so apparently Le Pain Quotidien (website) is moving in." And to cram in a second rap reference in this item: they came to bring Le Pain! [Storefronting inbox]

5) Greenwich Village: "GNC at Christopher and Seventh has moved across the street to a unit that looks considerably smaller than the last [Ed.?much like the one on First Avenue and 13th], and apparently tasty delite is moving into that huge space they were in. [Storefronting inbox]