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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Won't You Be My Neighbor (86 comments)
"Our building is the "anti-friends" building filled with mostly old 90 year old curmedgeons tettering on the brink of death. They are rude and cold to anyone of a younger generation (i.e. less than 50 years old). They do nothing but complain and gossip."
2) Curbed BuildingCrasher: Harlem's Loft 124 (67comments)
"Given the size of this place (ignoring the typical broker s.f. inflation), a million dollars works out to $500/s.f., which is hardly extortionary even for this area. And the high ceilings and top-end finishes actually justify this price point to me, unless the neighborhood is really, truly scummy.
Of course, if you'd rather get half of a Meier studio for this money instead, that's up to you. . . "
3) Kanye West's Midtown Moment of Zen (62 comments)
"What's so special about that? My contractor could put that thing together for 15 grand - MAX
seriously, it's an alcove studio... can someone please explain what I am missing? No doors, an expensive architect - but where is the bling? Kanye is paying far too much for some tables and drywall..."
4) Curbed SizeChopper: 1 Fifth Avenue (45 comments)
"Footage, schmootage, if the space feels like it's worth the money why get crazy over the square footage? I think the idea of measuring the wall space makes sense. What if you were a gallery owner? That would make it important."
5) A Couple Million Can't Even Get You a Bedroom (41 comments)
"This place has a Murphy Bed. That explains the high price."