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Brooklyn Real Estate Office Really Hates "Edgy" Art

Awkward floral staging is okay. Weird stuffed animal placement rocks. But when it comes to selling real estate in Brooklyn, "edgy art" is very, very, very bad. The Fillmore real-estate office on Atlantic Avenue at Hoyt Street yanked four paintings from a 12-painting display called "Social Justice in America" by artist Leon Kalas because they might offend clients. It's reported in the Brooklyn Paper:

The quartet of pieces included “Slaves in America,” featuring a black man torn in three, his severed body juxtaposed on an American flag; “Witness,” which depicts a black man in toga and laurel standing in front of an American flag; “America, Land of the Free,” which shows an advertisement for a slave auction atop an American flag; and “Justice Crucified,” featuring a black man on a cross, an American flag tied around his waist.Maybe a rival broker wants to show them? Or David Walentas will give them some space? You can catch the whole series by clicking over here.
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