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Ask Curbed: Control the Heat, Save the Cat

A dead of winter question for the rental fans out there:

I'll return to nyc before next winter, and I'm interested in finding a building where I could control the heat in my apt. Is this a fantasy? When I lived in Manhattan everyone I knew lived in old buildings, where heat blasted thru furnaces Nov 1 - Apr 1, regardless of outside temperature. I always had the windows open. Is it possible to find new (newish?) rental buildings where apts control their own heat? Big buildings? Renovated brownstones? I can't pay for anything fancy. If not, any suggestions on beating the heat other than open windows? (now i have a cat)As always, your input in the comments, please. Remember: affordable rental buildings that put the power in your hands. Surely there has to be a lot of them, right?
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