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Proof of Actual People Living on Bayard Street

One of the more promising spots in Williamsburg/Greenpoint is Bayard Street, the stretch of construction and condos we call Karl Fischer Row because of the dominance of a certain architect. In any case, the odd building out on Bayard--which will someday be teeming with people enjoying views of McCarren Park (and the BQE from the backside)--has been one called the Lotus. First, it was said to be vacant. Then, we saw Fresh Direct delivering food there. Yesterday, we saw a real live person on an upper floor balcony talking on his cell phone. Meantime, a tipster reports that the Aurora "is going to be ready soon. The elevators are working now and the 5th floor model has been closed; now the model is on the 11th floor." Yesterday, construction noises were coming out of all the Karl Fischer Row buildings with construction elevators going up and down and debris flying out the windows of the Ikon.
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