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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Union Square Corner

Friday, we provided you with everything but the asking price for this Union Square 2BR. Today, we reveal the listing in all its glory.

Listing: 1 Irving Place [Corcoran]
Asking: $1.7 million
Mixed reviews for this Zeckendorf Towers condo. For the lovers: "The walls in the kid's bedroom are awesome! I'd pay an extra 100k just for that." For the haters: "Layout: cramped; painted skyline: horrific; location: godawful." There also seems to be some issue with the lobby/elevator setup. In any case, one commenter has been inside and reports, "This is my friends apartment - I have ben in there many times before and it's nice but not spectacular." Gold stars for "nicemarmot" and "Kilgore Trout" who nailed the listing price.
· Curbed PriceSpotter: Union Square Corner [Curbed]