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Dread of Change in Windsor Terrace

[Photo courtesy of redxdress/flickr]

Last time we turned to Windsor Terrace it was about the BackFat taggings. Today, we've got something from a local blogger worried more change blowing through the hood next to Park Slope:

The Landlady and I had a long talk this evening about “progress” coming to our neighborhood and how long we figure it will be the Windsor Terrace we know and love. We’re giving it ten years...a large house on the corner of my street has been bought (rumor has it for something like $1.5 million) and is heading for demolition within the next month or so. What’s going up? Condos. The vacant lot two blocks down that has been empty since I moved here from Bensonhurst is also slated for condo-ization... But progress is coming. The hipsters and yuppies have already taken over Williamsburg and Greenpoint since Manhattan is too expensive for them now. As the years go by and Manhattan rents continue to skyrocket, more people will walk across the Bridge, like what they see, and stay. And we’ll get an Ikea and Targets to match our Fairway and Home Depot and Costco. And the real estate around the Gowanus Canal will go for top dollar in spite of the layer of chemicals that floats on top of it. And those of us who live in the old Brooklyn will get pushed further and further out, closer to Queens and the Island as landlords realize they can get more for our apartments.

Next thing you know, it'll look like the South Slope.
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