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It Happened One Weekend: Urban Glass House Getting Boxed In

1) While no views are forever, buyers at the soon to open Urban Glass House are very concerned with the Sanitation Department plans to erect a 15 story garage across the street from the sleek condos, destroying the Northern views. While most expected the lot to one day be developed, no one thought it would be done this fast and for this use. Leave it to the Shvo to sum it up best, saying “There are only two views in New York that are guaranteed: if you are on a park, or if you are facing a brick wall.” Don't forget the buyers not so secret weapon: Trump.[The Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) New York City's real estate brokers, all 66,700 of them, are working hard to change their image from that of a used car salesman willing to do almost anything to get a client and close a deal to a group of professionals who are a necessity when buying and selling a home. Before that can happen, all brokers must be able to work better together and stop trying to steal clients from each other. Maybe then, the slogan "Someone You Can Trust" will ring true. [Agents of Angst/Vivian S. Toy]

3) A San Francisco couple had some misgivings when a pushy Coop board demanded they fly east for one day to interview for a West Village one bedroom rental. The couple's real estate desperation forced them to bite the bullet, but while waiting for the interview, they managed to find a $2800 1 bedroom in Tribeca with high ceilings and the original pod, which was built as a dark room 30 years ago. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

4) A synagogue running 24/7 in Borough Park has become an economic development force for the neighborhood, creating street life and attracting businesses that stay open late to service the congregation. This includes Sub Express, which is home to the innovative "brisket egg roll." [Urban Tactics/Michal Lando]