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CurbedWire: 40 Mercer's Glorious Garden Revealed

1) Soho: We love Building Crashers, none moreso lately than frequent contributor Stu_Jo, he of the 40/40 Bond/Mercer photopool. Above, his latest from 40 Mercer in Soho: "I happened to have been walking past 40 Mercer yesterday and got a sneak peek inside the construction fence at the progress on the private park and garage entrance." Looking—uhh, yeah. [CurbedWire Inbox/Flickr]

2) Real Estate Brokers: A special Curbed correspondent emails, "I found this little tidbit in the's terms of service: "PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES You are specifically prohibited from any use of this Web Site." Technically true (and really kinda awesome), though a close read gives them the benefit of the comma doubt. Damn. [CurbedWire Inbox/Corcoran]