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Dumbo's Dose of Brick and Glass

That would be the Beacon Tower, aka 85 Adams, on the left, and the J Condo, aka 100 Jay Street, on the right, which form quite the brick-and-glassy Dumbo duo as they tower above the rest of the Dumbo/Vinegar Hill condo pack. The Beacon has a Feng Shui garden, but the J is going to have a pharmacy, so you can go to one to chill and the other for pills. For a few more perspectives on the relatively diminutive 23-story Beacon and the kind of larger 33-story J, click on through.
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This is the J's front entrance, with the Beacon Tower to the south of the Manhattan Bridge.

J Condo's south side versus Manhattan Bridge deck.

J Condo's north face and the rest of Dumbo.

The recently-glassed Beacon Tower.