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Development Du Jour: 200 West End Avenue

Quick, guess the architect for 200 West End Avenue, the new 27-story, 191-unit condo development at 70th Street seen above? Right you are—our old friend Costas Kondylis, who has resolved for 2007 that there not be a new development built in this city that his firm has not designed. The website for this project has just gone live, and though our distain for flash-driven crap is well documented, we'll admit that we're loving the floorplan scroll-o-matic they've cooked up here. Watch as a bevvy of 1BRs and 2BRs surf on by! Developers the Clarett Group promise occupancy by early next year.

No pricing details online as yet, but a tipster reports, "Looks like the sales office for 200 West End Avenue (at 201 Amsterdam Ave) quietly opened sometime during the holidays when nobody was looking." Anyone dropped by yet?
· 200 West End Avenue [Official Site]