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Storefronting: Magnolia Under New Management!

There was just too much Storefronting to cram into yesterday's report. Herewith, more from New York's evolving retail scene, with an eye on how the changes impact neighborhoods. Seen a new store open, an old store close, or other notable retail activity? Please let us know.

1) West Village: Let's kick off with some Storefronting questions. A reader emailed late last week, "I heard there is a sign on Magnolia Bakery saying it is closed." Veracity: false; Magnolia merely was closed for a few days for the holidays. (Hey, we've been here before.) Then today's NYT carries this shocking breaking news: "Allysa Torey, who started the cupcake craze when she opened this Greenwich Village bakery 10 years ago, has sold it to Steven Abrams, a restaurateur. Ms. Torey will continue to be a consultant for the bakery." Whoa. Theories on what this means for the cupcake shrine to end all cupcake shrines welcome. [Storefronting Inbox/Off the Menu]

2) Dumbo: More queries! "Any ideas what's going in at the former ABC Carpet Warehouse site on Jay & Plymouth? I walked by there yesterday and saw work permit signs hung in the window, and it looked like there had been new floor and ceiling fixtures put in. My bubble has been burst on the Whole Foods rumor, it seems, but could it possibly be the future site of a real, functioning, full-size grocery store in DUMBO?" [Storefronting Inbox]

3) Greenpoint: Yet more queries! "Do you guys know what's going on at the McGuiness and Kent Street intersection in Greenpoint? Also, there's several new businesses opening up on Franklin between Milton Street and Greenpoint Ave. They appear to be some kind of bar/restaurants. Franklin is booming -- Brooklyn Label -- a new coffee/breakfast place -- just opened on Franklin & Java." [Storefronting Inbox]

4) Harlem: A reader report of more supermarket carnage: "The Associated grocery store on Frederick Douglass and 124th just lost their lease. It's a complete fire-sale inside. Hotel supposed to break ground soon." [Storefronting Inbox]

BONUS: Alison Gregor takes a look at a recent Storefronting obsession, the reemergence of Soho as a global fashion/design center. "We're seeing a return to pre-9/11 rents," crows one expert. Good times, good times. [Square Feet]