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Crazy Downtown Project #1: Burling Slip Playground

While we were in Year-End Awards mode late last week, a few new and notable city projects unveiled themselves. Let's get caught up, shall we?

"We're breaking the mold here. This breaks all our normal rules." The topic, of course: a new playground planned for the South Street Seaport area, specifically Burling Slip. In a courtyard that now hosts broken pavement and a parking lot, David Rockwell & Associates have proposed the above nautical-themed attraction, which the Tribeca Trib reports will aim to turn the area into a child's dream:

Meant to evoke a ship, the playground will feature sand and water, as well as a full-time cadre of "play workers," there to foment fun and ensure safety... "There are all these local textures we've tried to incorporate," he said. "The wood on the piers, ropes, burlap bags, water." Until it was paved over in 1835, the site was a boat slip... "Play workers" are also central to the plan. Their chief duty would be to organize and supervise play. During the warmer months, as many as four might be on duty at once.Fomenting fun and ensuring safety? Surely these "play workers" are the first genuine urban planning breakthrough of 2007. We're expecting 2BRs around the Seaport to jump at least 20% today.
· A 'Reinvented' Playground for Seaport [Tribeca Trib]