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Development Update-o-rama: 8USS in Tip-Top Shape

My oh my! You turn your back for a month or six and look what happens. Continuing the recent trend of buildings that seem to spring up entirely too fast (see 110 Third, 188 Ludlow), the Shvo-tastic 8 Union Square South is suddenly?triumphantly?lording over the square's college kids, buskers and crazy homeless people who dress like wizards. It seems like just yesterday we were merely discussing the website, and the day before that, memorializing the old Odd Job space. How this 15-story development has grown in that time! The rear tower that rises over the rest of the building still needs a lot of work, but the rest is looking pretty far along, and dare we say that the units actually look pretty darn good? Not as groundbreaking as Mikey Shvo promised, but it doesn't look as flimsy as 110 Third, that's for sure. And did we mention the jets? As for sales, that's still a mystery to us.

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