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The Evolution of Advertecture: Is it Art?

The War on Advertecture has been a long and bloody one, with the recent outcome?after some crushed cars and terrified pedestrians?being an ad-free corner of St. Marks and Third Avenue, as well as a newly naked Flatiron Building (for today, anyway). So what's the next step for developers? Maybe this is a clue. A few blocks away from the Flatiron Building, the 1897 Merchants Bank of New York building at 141 Fifth Avenue is being renovated and converted to condos. To remind passersby of the Beaux-Arts beauty of the facade while restoration work is being done, developer Savanna Partners has actually recreated the look on the outside of the scaffolding. Advertising the majesty of the coming condos in a less obnoxious way, or complete and utter disturbing mindfuck? You decide.
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