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BREAKING: 37 East 4th Street Plans Revealed!

The advertecture is coming down and a new high rise development will be going up above the parking lot on Bowery and 4th Street. A tipster reports:

So evidently the scaffolding on the corner of East 4th and Bowery isn't just a permanent advertisement for Helio Phone (don't call it a phone). See attached images for the very plain (read: could be worse) building proposed. Part of the deal seems to be that the owner has to fix up the Skidmore House, which is the dilapidated building next door. Most of the exterior brickwork there is already complete. Based on the floorplans, it looks like the intent is to turn the Skidmore into a home for a very, very, very wealthy person. Bowery = new Central Park West. With the Bowery Hotel, Cooper Union Pleasure Palace and Avalon Chrystie/Whole Foods, they may just be right.

2 Cooper Square

2 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website