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On Harlem's Accelerating SoHa/C-Ha/E-Ha Divides

The next divide is upon us as the old Harlem/East Harlem bifurcation gives way to Harlem/East Harlem/South Harlem/West Harlem—and no doubt a few dozen more microhoods now in development. Uptown neighborhood blog Uptown Flavor has been on that case this week, first musing, "I don’t understand the distinction between SoHa and C-Ha or why new residents want to be separated from the area extending above 125th Street, but in any event, New York Magazine has decided to highlight the features of the area now know as South Harlem." (Indeed, with one of their pretty maps.)

Today, UF points out the most excellent broker babble in the listing prose for East Harlem development The Nina (above). Sophiscated, non?
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