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Little Chitaly Robogarage: Dramatic Glitches Included?

Before telling friends coming in from Jersey to take the car to that new robogarage place on Baxter Street, check out the excellent glitches in some robo-parking systems. The blog, Manhattan Details offers this summary of and commentary on an AP story:

At the nation's first such fully computerized parking garage, built in 2002 across the river in Hoboken, N.J., the computer dropped an unoccupied Cadillac Deville six floors in 2004 and a Jeep four stories the following year. Early last year, a computer glitch trapped cars inside the over-sized vending machine for just over 26 hours...But hey, that was the old Windows. Vista promises to treat your car with all the love and concern of a Mac.A little more impressive than having to reboot.
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