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Storefronting: Vegan Death, Greenpoint Can Read

1) East Village: Brooklyn Vegan (obvs) reports that the Whole Earth Vegan Bakery on St. Marks is in a lease battle: "Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen has been an institution on Saint Marks Place for 16 years. Now, its landlord is threatening it with eviction and it’s scheduled to close its doors forever on March 31st." There's going to be a protest/rally/free food thing in Tompkins Square Park on Saturday afternoon to fight the power. [BV]

2) Greenpoint: "So I was walking down Franklin Street in Greenpoint last night on my way to the Pencil Factory on Greenpoint Avenue and Franklin Street when I saw some people unloading bookcases from a rental truck on the corner of Milton and Franklin (across from the playground). I stopped to take a better look and confirmed that it they were moving in some furniture along with lots of bookcases!. Also noticed that they weren't Polish (it was obvious) so 1+1 = a non-polish bookstore in GP! Something we so desperately lack in the area. Also saw a storefront about 2 stores north of that with paper covering the windows that looks like it will be a new pub of some sort." [Storefronting inbox]

3) Greenwich Village: According to WWD, Marc Jacobs, Tod's and Lancome are all trying to ankle some space on Bleecker Street. Gawker, not amused, opines: "Yes, turning a formerly charming downtown street into block after block of boring Upper East Side chain stores sounds pretty buzz-worthy." [WWD]

4) Dumbo: Lots of people are moving to Dumbo. People spawn. Spawn need clothes and furniture and shit. So ModernTots, an online store, has opened up a 2,500-square-foot retail showroom at 53 Pearl Street. Someone start the message board flame war about gentrification/kids/strollers/etc. [BabyGadget]

5) Greenwhich Village: And now, a note on the Seventh Avenue South game of musical chairs: "A while back a redundant Jamba Juice opened on the East side of 7th Ave near W 4th St. Within a year it closed. Soon after, the GNC, at the intersection of 7th Ave, W 4th, and Christopher, closed and moved into the former Jamba Juice. They split the space in half and mere weeks ago Tasti-D-Lite shuffled South 2 doors to occupy the Christopher St half. The new larger TDL is almost ready for business, complete w cushy leather chairs coffee house style. Now the former Tasti-D is cleared out and adjoins the long since empty and Tiffany Restaurant, making one massive empty space on W 4th just West of 7th Ave. Any word on what's going in there? Another bank maybe? Verizon Store or a Gap? Sadly of those three I'd take the Gap." Got that? [Storefronting inbox]

6) Williamsburg: More info on that shocking Brooklyn Industries closing: "The Brooklyn Industries location on Broadway is sorta closing. According to a sign in the window It is being repurposed into the 'Brooklyn Industries Gallery.' [Storefronting inbox]