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Norten's 1 York Update #2: Pool Party!

[The open-air pool on the terrace of Unit 7B at 1 York.]

Continuing on this jag, we hereby take back anything bad that we've ever said or thought or might even think of saying about Enrique Norten's and Andre Balazs' fantastic and brilliant new building going up just off Canal Street at 1 York in Tribeca. Seems like we spent half the weekend perusing all the glorious stuff that dbox has put together for the 1 York website, mesmerized by the "FILM" that shows everything one could want to know, inside and out. (The way they've made those walls fly together from out of nowhere? Beyond cool.)

But by far the most jaw-dropping moments were dedicated to the outdoor pool. Doesn't hurt that it sits on a 2,300 square foot terrace. So what if it overlooks Canal Street? Go ahead, strip off your clothes and take a dip. Nobody down below will be able to see you up here. Or your beautiful young friend lounging by the pool in all (or most) of her glory. Mmmmm. Some lucky hedge fund guy could be very happy up here. 40 Mercer, eat your heart out.

A pool and views. Views and a pool:

No pool up here at the duplex Penthouse on the 12th and 13th Floors, but sometimes less is more.

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