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49 Vestry to Everyone: "Vamoose!"

[Sign recently posted on the loading dock at 49 Vestry, overlooking the site at 415 Washington.]

Maybe it's all the new development around wild wild West Tribeca that's causing the residents at 49 Vestry (aka 434 Greenwich) to be less than welcoming. Between Joseph Pell Lombardi's classy twin buildings going up at 414-415 Washington, the newly completed 88 Laight and the Jack Parker development across the way at 454 Washington maybe these folks are just overwhelmed. Or perhaps the "No Living Here" sign is a pre-emptive strike to keep some of the crazies out, a wild stab at maintaining the vibe of the old nabe. Or could it be that sitting just a stones throw away from one of the best blocks in town has gone to their heads.
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