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Williamsburg's Finger Fight Still in Court

We're not going to get into the specifics of the email from someone who says he's "at the heart of the litigation on the Finger Building," which would seem like a nasty place to be. We will, however, take the opportunity to update you on the status of The Burg's big edifice, which has been looking very noir since the beginning of the year. The Finger has been tied up in litigation for a while and could stay that way for some time. In fact, the emailer writes that developer Mendel Brach and his lawyers:

are trying to get the judge to "expedite" the decision, claiming that if he does not approve their rights NOW, they will be foreclosed by their bank and lose the right to build to 16 stories. The judge has refused to rush to judgment and is looking very carefully at the documents and the case. The arguments were had in November, and there is no decision yet.The issue is whether the Finger stays at its current ten stories or gains another six. This particular emailer says he would be "very surprised" if it's allowed to flip more bird than is currently the case. The black coating that's been applied to the Finger, by the way, is to keep it from getting moldy.
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