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City Sticks Thorn in Thor's Side; Hammer Coming?

Uh, holy shit! Fifty thousand renderings later, is Thor Equities ready to abandon their $2 billion Coney Island vision if City Hall says hellz nah to their plan to include luxury high-rise housing on Stillwell Avenue? That's what Thor is telling the Post, but let's go ahead and assume this is a little case of hardball. We've come too far and donated too many blog inches to Coney's redevelopment for this to be the case! But the housing issue seems to be the biggest remaining hurdle, so we won't take it lightly. Thor says they need folks on the boardwalk year-round for the venture to be profitable, and the city says the residents oppose the housing plan, hence the conflict. The Post also reports that Thor has started bulldozing some of their Stillwell properties as a friendly message to the politicos to get them to move their tushies into high gear. Risky! That's Coney for ya...
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