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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Vinnie's New Digs?

Here now, responses to Tuesday's reader-submitted questions about development and doings around town. Got a question of your own, ideally with a juicy digital photo of the site in question? Drop it to and we'll see what we can do.

1) BelDel: Regarding the plans for construction at 334 Grand Street, a commenter notes, "Broker Tony Yu at had the commercial listing and probably the residential listing as well (the website was listed on the scaffold). The building appears to have been orginally listed for $5.1Mill--but not sure what it actually sold for... According the website "You can build up to seven floors, with set back about 10 feet on both sides for the 7th floor. There one or two commercial units on the ground floor. Needs a lot of renovations!"

Only one reader question this week, but new intel on a previous Rumbling rolled in. So, in the interests of staying current...

2) West Village: A reader emails regarding St. Vincent's Hospital, a Rumbling regular last month: "St. Vincent's Hospital O'Toole Building, 36 Seventh Ave., is not for sale, said the hospital's CEO Guy Sansone. However, St. Vincent's is planning a major re-organization and modernization program that could put a new building on the site in the next couple of years." Similar intel turned up in this week's Villager; click through for more. [The Villager]

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