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Ugly South Slope Condo Feud Goes Legal

The nasty battle between the owners of 229 16th Street and the developer of 231 16th Street in the South Slope, which has already spawned its own website, now includes letters from lawyers and a, um, presence by 229 in front of 231 to meet and greet potential buyers. The letter from the 231 lawyer to 229's lawyer, part of which is above, is noted over at 229 vs 231, the conflict website. The people from 229 write:

We also have every right to stand in front of our own home and speak with anyone we choose. We have no comments about the new structure built at 231 16th Street as we have never been inside the structure.Oh, there's an open house at 231 this weekend (thanks to South Slope blogger IMBY for cluing us in about all this) with a "SPONSOR INCENTIVE!! Sponsor will pay New York City & New York State transfer taxes which will reduce your closing costs by $11,200." And, the condos have been "REDUCED! ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!" So, we could see where you wouldn't want the element of really pissed off neighbors hanging outside added to mix.
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