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Curbed PriceSpotter: East Harlem Duplex

PriceSpotter is our newish game in which we present property details and you come up with a listing price. Today, best listing price guesses in the comments. Tomorrow, the answer. As always, cheaters never win.

What/Where: Duplex 2BR Loft, East 108th Street (between First/Second Aves.)
Square Feet: 1,475
Bonus Deets: Friends, this isn't just your typical duplex layout. The broker listing says it sports the "popular duplex layout." Notes a tipster who emailed about this listing, "My guess is everyone will be a million off the charts if they are not given the address." Well, we've given the address, so the question becomes: a million off what? Your guesses on the actual asking price of this apartment, as usual, in the comments; cheaters will be ostracized from the community and urged to repent.