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Storefronting: Old Friends, New Friends? Edition

1) Murray Hill: After rumors that the owners were eyeing the Upper East Side, the 2nd Avenue Deli may be reborn at 162 East 33rd Street (at Third Avenue), the space that Marbella now calls home. The liquor license application says the Lebewohl family envisions "a food establishment selling delicatessen food with possibly a service bar"; the proprietor would be Jack Lebewohl's son, Josh. [NYSun]

2) East Village: Following last week's look at the plywood encasing the old 2nd Avenue Deli space, a Curbed correspondent pries his way inside: "I peeked inside a crack in the boards and the place has finally been gutted, with all traces of the deli destroyed." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) West Village: Fun facts about Steven Abrams, the new owner of Magnolia Bakery: a) he's a partner in Chelsea restaurant The Red Cat; b) he bought the place for "a fraction of its value" for reasons that are totally unclear to us; c) crucially, he says, "Every single thing is staying the same. We have no expansion plans at the moment." [NYPost]