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Development Du Jour: Chatham 44

We expect you to retain the knowledge of every Rumbling that crosses your screen, so you'll most certainly recall the one from June pertaining to some construction work in Hell's Kitchen/East New Jersey, if for no other reason than the sign. Now, a tipster sends word that the 9-story project at 44th Street and 10th Avenue finally has a name, signage and a website. From Chatham Development comes, uh, Chatham 44, and while the website is just a flash-n-form right now, we do know that Hotels Gansevoort and Giraffe architects the Stephen B. Jacobs Group did the design, there will be 58 residences, and Halstead will market it. Chatham 44 joins the Atelier and 605 West 42nd Street on the list of Far West developments you'll never bother to actually see. Ah well, that's what pictures are for.

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