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CurbedWire: Another Tower Grows in Chelsea

A little Wire to close out the week? Hell yes. With thanks, as always, to our amazing army of tipsters all around town.

1) Chelsea: As part of Chelsea's continuing sterilization, a reader sends this shot, writing, "This two story building at the west side of Sixth Avenue between 29th and 30th closed all its ground level retail shops for about a year now. The uncovered parking lot on top has been operating everyday, until today. I have a direct view of this location from my apartment. Obviously this will become part of “upper Chelsea’s” tower row. This location has underground parking already, so I hope the hood won’t have to deal with the sound of giant sized jackhammers trying to dig through the bedrock." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Chelsea: Breaking news from the hood, via a just-arrived reader report: "The Hotel Allerton at 22nd and 8th, drop off point for persons getting off the street courtesy of the NYC Department of Homeless Services has closed. Going to miss the crazy conversations at 3am between the street and top floor."

3) Williamsburg: A special Curbed correspondent passes along a tip about 11 Broadway across from Schaeffer Landing: "The property has 2 existing small buildings to be demolished. The new 36 floor building will be mixed use (residential, hotel, commercial). I cannot reveal the owner." [CurbedWire Inbox]

4) Williamsburg: A second note from the Burg, with a follow up from today's Toxic Parking Lot report. A tipster emails, "Just drove by the toxic lead lot across from the Park at N12th & Bedford. There's a semi truck off-loading soil and a mini dozer spreading the love. Could it be the beginning of additional uber luxury?" [CurbedWire Inbox]