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Gowanus Friday #2: Bell Will Only Toll Slowly in the Nabe

The Toll Brothers may be busy as hell in Williamsburg, but it looks like they'll be waiting to dig up dirt along the Gowanus Canal for a bit. The Brooklyn Papers reports the McMansion people are tired of waiting for the neighborhood to be rezoned for residential use so, for now, they've withdrawn their application to clean up two blocks between Bond Street and Brooklyn's Grand Canal. Says the BP:

Toll Brothers won’t buy the site...until the city rezones the land for residential use. But the state can’t approve a taxpayer-subsidized cleanup until the developer buys the site, which runs along Bond Street from First through Carroll streets.There are a bunch of other chicken-and-egg issues attached to building an upscale "canal-front village" with hundreds of condos, apprarently. Another wrinkle: There's some sentiment to landmark a concrete warehouse on the future Toll site that is eligible for the National Register of Historic Buildings. Should be excellent Gowanus fun.
· No "Toll" on Gowanus [Brooklyn Papers]