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Gowanus Friday #1: There is No Toxic Peril...

What you're looking at above is a rendering of the Gowanus Whole Foods (which makes a second reference to the retailer today, but that's the flow of information). The chain sent representatives to Park Slope last night to chat about the 64,000 square foot megastore that some Brooklyn foodies await like the Second Coming. They are predicting a Summer '08 opening and say that traffic and environmental concerns are overblown. You can read the environmental details here and the design & traffic stuff here, if that sort of thing turns you on. The store will have parking for 420 cars and a 40-foot-wide "promenade" along a branch of the Gowanus behind the store. The company also says no to a green roof on the store and says reports of a "toxic plume" of benzene leaking onto the site are "exaggerated and inaccurate." So, you will be able to go forth, park it on the blacktop roof and get your organic cheesecake without any fear whatsoever of nasty benzene or other unpleasant Gowanus toxics. We're relieved.
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