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East Village Dorm Update: Cabrini Polyclinic Fun!

It's been, what, weeks since we had a good East Village dorm controversy to kick around, no? Thank heavens for this morning, which brings news via The Villager that the former Cabrini Stuyvesant Polyclinic building at 137 Second Ave. (at 9th Street) may soon begin hosting beer-pong tournaments. The clinic closed earlier this year, following rumors it would be converted to condos. Not so! Instead:

[The] proposal calls for the cellar and the first floor to be used for commercial purposes; the existing second and third floors are to be turned into student dorm space, and three additional floors would be constructed on top of the building, also for use as dormitory lodgings.
Which school's students would shack up here is as yet unclear. As is the future of the project as a whole. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is on the case, noting that the three-floor addition is going to be tough to get approved. Developing, etc.
· East Village Seems Dormed; Landmark Will Be Converted [The Villager]