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Advertecture Death Knell Update: Cover-Up Coming

Six months after the Municipal Art Society and Curbed cosponsored the Shoot It Down! contest to identify the city's most egregious advertecture—and three months after Helio advertecture attacked Lafayette Street (left)—the city is going further on the offensive. Reports the NYT,

The city already has a contractor, Van Wagner Communications, that will place solid-colored vinyl sheets over offending ads if they are not removed by the owners after a 10-day warning period... Where Buildings Department inspectors found 62 illegal signs in October, only 3 remained as of [Friday], the agency said.The cover-up move comes after months of warnings to building owners and contractors, as this memo leaked to Curbed back in November indicates. So will the cover-up actually happen? Keep those cameras handy, and we'll find out.
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